• Name: Tire Changer
  • ID: HLT001
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Application range:
Applicable for changing car tyres whose flatness ratio is relatively small and rim
diameter is between 10"-30".
Product features:
Changing tyres of different rim diameters through adjusting changing head
forward or back,when adjusted to the best position,it will be easy and smooth to
change tyres and avoid hurting tyres.
Machine functions:
1.No need the crowbar, no hurt to the rim and wheel.
2.The working head can fix position automatically and change directions quickly,it
boosts speed of change tyres.
3.The high and low platens cooperate to run,it ensure the smooth tyre changing.
4.The using of automatic lifting tyres structure make changing tyres saving time
and labour.
Machine quality:
This product gained Europe CE certification.
Technical parameters:
Rim diameter : 10"-30"
Max. wheel diameter: 1250mm
Tire width: 3"-12"
Working pressure: 8~12bar
Hydraulic motor: 1.5kw
Gear box motor:1.1kw
Working Voltage:380V/220V/110V
Machine weight: 571kg



  • Ruth Zhang

  • Ryan Jiang

  • Lisa Hu

  • Paule Zhang


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